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Val Thorens Lift Passes

Unless you are super-fit and intend on walking up the slopes (yes people do this) it is a fact that we all need to buy a ski lift pass. For the Val Thorens and 3 Valleys ski area there are several passes you can buy, we have described each of the Lift Passes for you below:


The Duo Lift Pass

Val Thorens and 3 Valleys Duo Ski Lift Pass

This pass is ideal for two people on holiday together, by buying two of the same passes at the same time you will get a discount which is around 10€. Just remember you will NEED to buy them together otherwise you will not get the discount.

The Tribe Lift Pass

Val Thorens and 3 Valleys Tribe Ski Lift Pass

If there are at least 3 of you there is now a discount to be had. This is called the Tribe pass! Once again you will need to purchase all the passes at the same time to get the discount of around 15€ each. The pass needs to cover the same area and the same dates.


The Family Lift Pass

Val Thorens and 3 Valleys Family Ski Lift Pass

The family pass has got a little easier to understand, everyone in the family pays child prices! A family consists of 2 adults and at least 2 children and once again you will need to purchase the same ski area and dates at the same time. If you have more than 2 children then all you need to pay is another child rate pass.

To be able to purchase a family pass you MUST be a family, the lift office will ask for proof in form of your passports!


The 6 Consecutive Day Lift Pass

Val Thorens and 3 Valleys Adult or Child Ski Lift Pass

This pass is basically for beginners to skiing or haven’t skied for a long time. It allows you access to a basic amount of lifts. These lift are:

  • Castor and Pollux. These are the two covered 240m moving carpets.
  • Cairn Gondolas.
  • Musaraigne and Campagnols. These are the two 200m moving carpets.
  • Roc drag lift. This is the drag lift up to the main centre of Val Thorens.
  • Caron Cable Car. We guess this is to allow access to see some great views as we can’t think of beginners run down from there.


The Complete Beginners Lift Pass

Val Thorens and 3 Valleys Beginners Ski Lift Pass

This pass is only available when you have ski school lesson and covers lifts needed to teach you to ski. To order this pass you will need to ask the Val Thorens ski school when booking your lesson.


The Val Thorens Lift Pass

Val Thorens Ski Lift Pass

This covers all the lifts for the resort down to the Plan de l’eau lift. If you ski past to the right of Boismint lift onto the Boulevard Cumin then you are likely to ski down to Les Menuires and out of the ski pass area. Be careful!
There are 140km of pistes to play on which includes the Orelle valley, which is very often forgotten about.

There are adult and child (6 – 12 years old) versions of this pass as well as a reduced price pass for seniors (65 – 75 years old).

We advice the people who should buy this ski pass have a 0-2 weeks skiing history


The Belleville Lift Pass

Belleville Ski Lift Pass

Val Thorens as well as Les Menuires and St Martin de Belleville are all located in the Belleville valley. We’re sure you can see where we’re going here, the Belleville valley ski pass covers hmm…..the whole of the Belleville valley. There are 300km of pistes in this valley which is enough for most people. A weeks skiing for an intermediate skier would be happy with this pass.

There are adult and child (6 – 12 years old) versions of this pass as well as a reduced price pass for seniors (65 – 75 years old).

Therefore we recommend skiers of 2-4 weeks skiing history


The 3 Valleys Lift Pass

3 Valleys Ski Lift Pass

The 3 valleys (or Vallees in French) consist of the following major ski resorts: Courchevel (all stations), Meribel and of course the resorts of the Belleville valley. This has a huge 600km of pistes which is the biggest ski area in the world (although other ski areas are claiming their ski area is bigger, size eh!). It doesn’t matter who you are you are never going to get bored skiing this area on your weeks ski holiday. The skiing in the Belleville area is large enough you probably won’t leave it for the first couple of days.

There are adult and child (6 – 12 years old) versions of this pass as well as a reduced price pass for seniors (65 – 75 years old).

Our Tip: Therefore we suggest the following, buy the Belleville pass and add 3 days of 3 valley upgrades to it. This should save you some money.

Skiers of more than 4 weeks will want to see the other valleys


3 Valley VIP Lift Pass

Val Thorens and 3 Valleys Liberty VIP Ski Lift Pass


If only the VIP meant that you could use the Ski School line in the lifts, sadly it doesn’t. This pass is for the skier who will visit Val Thorens several times a season and maybe future seasons too. It is basically a loyalty scheme to reward you for coming back. You sign up (on the internet only) and pay an annual payment of 30€ which is renewed each year. When you use the card it will deduct your discounted rate for the weeks skiing you have done. This amount will depend on how many days skiing you have done and which ski area. You will receive a discount of 15% for Val Thorens and Orelle pass and 10% for the 3 Valleys.

Additional to that you will get the 9th days skiing FREE and another FREE day every 6 days afterwards.

You will not need to recharge your pass, just turn up and ski. You don’t need to tell anyone which areas you are going to ski as the lifts register where you have been automatically and just charge you for that usage. A bit like pay-as-you-go really.

As we mentioned you can only get this pass via the internet, here is a link to book the pass.


Non-Skier Lift Pass

Val Thorens Non Skier Lift Pass


This pass is designed for the non-skier who still wants to see the great views and experience the restaurants on the mountains. This pass allows access to the following lifts:

  • Peclet Funitel
  • Cairn and Caron Gondolas
  • Cime Caron cable car
  • Moutiere Chair lift (up only, you will need to go down the Lacs pedestrian circuit)
  • Cascades Chair lift
  • Grand Fond Funitel
  • Rosael Chair Lift
  • 3 Vallees Express Gondolas (Orelle)
  • The Pionniers Lift
  • The 3 Vallees Funitel

*You can get the pedestrian map from the Tourist Office.

There are options to purchase a single days non-skiers pass also if interested.


*** Our advice on Ski passes is to buy online before you come! ***

If you arrive on a Saturday the queues to buy life passes can be quite long which is not the best way to start your holiday is it?


Ski Pass Prices

Here is a link to the full list of prices for the 2014/2015 season.

Where do I get one of these fantastic ski passes from I hear you ask? The offices are dotted around the resort so there should be one near your accommodation, look out for the CASSE sign. These offices are closed for lunch on the week days so bear that in mind.

To make life easier we have included the lift pass office order system below or if you prefer you can click here to open in a different window.


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