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Val Thorens Resort Facts

There are some Val Thorens facts almost every skier knows about and the big fact is that Val Thorens is the highest ski resort in Europe.

With the big Val Thorens facts out the way here are all the others:

Val Thorens was created in: December 1971

Ski Resort Height: 2300 metres

Top of Highest lift: 3200 metres

Val Thorens is located: At the top of the Belleville valley

Average visitor age: 36 years old

Visitor come from: 63% from abroad (UK 14%, Denmark 3%, Russia 3%, Belgium 6%, Netherlands 19%, Germany 4%), 37% from France

Available tourist beds: 24,998

Val Thorens Hotels: Val Thorens has 11 hotels (three 5*, three 4*, five 3*, four holiday clubs and villages, 31 tourism residences)

Occupancy rate: 76.3%

Amount of visitors to Val Thorens per season: 400,000

Awards: 2013 Winner of the World Ski Awards Worlds Best Ski Resort, 2013 World Snow Award for most improved European Ski resort, 2013 Winner of the World Ski Awards France’s Best Ski Resort

Michelin starred restaurants: 2

Notable dates: December is Ski Cross month

Ski Cross Course: Named Jean-Frederic Chapuis Ski Cross Stadium

Number of Ski Schools: 9

The Pioneers’ Gondola lift: This lift has round colourful egg gondolas for pedestrians in the style of the 1973 Peclet Gondola.



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